How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

Here at Gowns of Grace in Texas, our brides come in with all sorts of questions for us! One of the questions we get asked the most frequently is, “What color wedding dress should I order?” There really is no right or wrong answer here, as it’s really up to your personal preferences; however, we know that this is an important decision to make! Read on for some of our advice for finding the right color wedding dress:



Skin Tone

Years ago, it was always an unspoken rule that if you’re paler you should wear darker colors and if you have darker skin, you should wear lighter colors. Sure, it’s true that a lot of fair-skinned brides look gorgeous in blush tones, but so do olive skin tones and many other shades! If you want to keep this in mind when choosing a color, it can be helpful. But it’s really up to you to choose the color you love the most; rules are meant to be broken, after all!



Something we hear from a lot of brides is that the color of the wedding dress they ordered showed up looking different than how it looked in the photos they took at our shop. Lighting makes a big difference in how a wedding dress looks, especially if they were taken on different days! We recommend that our brides try on gowns and step close to mirrors close to big windows so they can see what the dress looks like in natural lighting. That will help you determine whether the color you’re trying on is flattering for you.



Contrast is important to keep in mind for choosing a gown as well. If you choose to do a white or ivory dress, the lace might not pop as much as it would if placed over a colored fabric. Lace detail is more noticeable when there’s more color behind it, so this can influence your choice depending on your preferences.


Moral of the Story

As we mentioned previously, there’s no right or wrong answer here! The color of the wedding dress you choose should make you feel beautiful and comfortable. If you love how ivory looks on you or you want the lace to really be at the forefront, keep those in mind when making your decisions. You can’t go wrong with something that you feel good in.


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