How To Determine What Style Wedding Dress You Want

How To Determine What Style Wedding Dress You Want

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Finding the perfect wedding dress can be tricky. For our gorgeous brides, we at Gowns of Grace in Farmers Branch, Texas, wanted to share some of our top tips for finding what style you want for your wedding dress and show you some of our favorite types of styles to choose from!


To find a dress that really expresses who you are, first ask yourself how you want to feel on your wedding day. Your answer may reveal some valuable information that can help you and your stylist find a style of dress you'll love. For example, if you want to feel romantic, or ethereal, or sensual—or like a queen—then look for dresses that express those qualities.


Below are some styles of wedding dresses to choose from:







If you're the dramatic type, then your wedding day look should make a statement. Long trains, dramatic silhouettes, and feathers are all ways to steal the show! Think rich fabrics and luxe embellishments!







Bohemian wedding gowns should be carefree, effortless, and less fussy! Fringe, crochet lace, bell sleeves, and separates are all great choices for a bohemian bride. The silhouette should be flowy and not constrict your body.





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Wear romantic gowns if you want to feel feminine, soft, and even whimsical. These gowns will have chiffon, florals, or delicate beading!





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When choosing a gown for your wedding day, look for modern styles that are sleek, sophisticated, and sexy. Clean lines and fabrics like silk, satin, and crepe can add to the effect of effortlessness. Add a statement piece of jewelry and a pretty hairpin for an extra touch.





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A classic gown is a stylish choice for a bride who wants to look more traditional. Traditionally, the silhouette is simple and elegant, and the important thing to keep in mind here is that it should feel timeless, not trendy. This shape is perfect for a bride who doesn't want to stand out too much or be dramatic in the shape of her dress, yet still stunning!


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