Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Classic bridal aesthetics typically involve delicate lace, satin, and smooth, buttery crepe. This year, we are loving all the modern bridal looks created by unique fabric textures. If you are dreaming of floating down the aisle wearing a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, here are a few of our favorite nontraditional textures to inspire your search:



A shimmering, polka-dotted look crafted out of large beads, pearls, or rhinestones add a playful, youthful touch to any bridal gown. This style pairs exquisitely with bohemian ceremonies!


Nature-Inspired Designs

Style Nova by Chic Nostalgia


Rather than opting for traditional florals, look towards vine-like or leaf-shaped appliqués! This style gives you that earthy, nature-inspired aura you’re dreaming of, while offering something fresh and unexpected.


Metallic Finishes

Style CT289 by Eddy K Milano


Achieved by weaving silver embellishments with silver thread, metallic finishes elevate classic bridal ivory with a shimmering, light-reflecting layer that certainly brings the drama to your special day.


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