Wedding Dress Sleeves Types

Wedding Dress Sleeves Types

There's no denying that wedding dresses with sleeves are the new sensation. From intricate lace detailing to flared fabric, a variety of sleeves have been seen in nearly every bridal collection, and we at Gowns of Grace love them all! Read on for a rundown of some of our favorite wedding dress sleeve types:



Long Sleeves


Because of their adaptability and elegance, gowns with long, fitting sleeves have been a favorite for generations. This sleeve style is ideal for brides who are getting married in the winter or who prefer a more traditional look.



Off the Shoulder Sleeves


Off-the-shoulder wedding dress sleeves have been the "in" style for brides-to-be as a romantic or ethereal choice. The sleeve looks to drape over the shoulder, exposing skin in a seductive but stylish manner.



Flutter Sleeves

The cloth flows in folds across the upper arm or has a ruffled look on the sleeves. It's ideal for brides who prefer a feminine or whimsical style on their wedding day.



Cap Sleeves


The sleeve of a bridal gown that drapes from the shoulder but has no fabric beneath the arm is a cap sleeve. It adds a lovely, feminine touch to garments.



Puff (or Bell) Sleeves


This is a whole sleeve that opens at the cuff, giving the arm a bit of drama. The flared sleeve adds volume which is both flattering and eye-catching.



Detachable Sleeves


Detachable sleeves are becoming increasingly popular among brides due to their versatility! It offers the ability to switch up your look whenever you want to.


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