Standard Bridal Gown Alterations 


Please Note...

Pricing and timing of alterations can be given during a first consultation. Book an appointment to meet with the seamstress for the most accurate estimate.


    • Hem
    • Shoulder
    • back /front/side seams
    • Bodice 
    • Bustle 
    • Addition of push-up cups or sew in bra





    • Gown re-design 
    • Vintage gown re-design and/or restoration 
    • Custom veil design 
    • Vintage veil re-design 
    • Bridal Party Alterations (Bridesmaids, MOB/MOG etc)




Gown Care Services 


We offer  a variety of gown care options before the big day. 

Even  after to preserve the memories forever!

(Prices include tax)


  • Dry cleaning-$216.50  
  • Steaming-$108.25  
  • Gown Preservation -$378.90

*If you are traveling, we can package your gown in your travel bag free of charge *