You’re Engaged and Ready to Begin Dress Shopping… What Next?
These Are Some of Our Most Asked Questions!

  • We require appointments to try on gowns to ensure you receive the best experience. Bridal is unique & customizable so it's best to have a consultant to answer your questions. We do not require an appointment to come and browse.

Yes, we like to know when you’re coming so we can have everything ready for you!

  • We do not charge to create an appointment.
  • We do require a valid credit card to book the appointment, $50 cancellation fee is only charged if you cancel/no-show 24 hours before your appointment.
  • The appointment is for 2 hours; you will have a private suite that accommodates up to 10 guests.
  • A personal bridal consultant to guide you & help bring your vision to life.
  • You will be trying on sample bridal gowns, and typically a new gown is ordered in the correct size and color. We do have a selection of off-the-rack gowns.
  • Typically your bridal consultant will assist you in getting into the gowns; we recommend bringing anything that will help make you as comfortable as possible.
  • These are some examples previous clients have brought: Shape-wear, Long-lined Strapless Bra, Heels/Boots/Trainers, Pasties etc.

Special order gowns begin at $1350 and go up to $6500.00— the majority of our gowns range from $1650-5000.00.

Off-the-rack gowns range between $499-$1350.00- these are sold as-is and can't be ordered.

  • Samples gowns are 4-32.
  • We can special order any gown in sizes 00-32.
  • Wedding gowns take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to deliver. Your bridal consultant will know the options for each dress.
  • We do have a large selection of off-the-rack gowns sold as-is.  
  • Click here ( insert button to the "By Watters" page ) to view informals/short dresses that typically deliver in 1-4 weeks.
  • Need something fast? Give us a call with your additional questions at 214-902-0800. 
  • Yes and no. Typically, you only try on our sample gowns, & a new gown is ordered, just for you! However we can sell current sample gowns at our discretion.
  • We have a large selection of gowns that are strictly off-the-rack/as-is, that can be taken home day of.
  • Click here to browse off-the-rack samples :

A gown that you only try on. They're not usually available to purchase off-the-rack. At Gowns of Grace our showroom has over 500 sample gowns to choose from. 

When you've found the one, your consultant takes measurements, and a new gown is ordered, just for you, in the correct size, color, and any customizations will be applied.  

Once we cannot order the gown from the designer anymore it's considered 'discontinued' and the sample can be sold off-the-rack. 

A special sale where a boutique is selling its 'sample' gowns at highly discounted prices, you buy it as-is and take it home that day, or 'off-the-rack'.

  • Yes, we welcome children of all ages to join.
  • You and your family’s safety are our main concern; we ask that children are always attended.
  • Yes! Each private suite has space to set up a small spread.
  • Gowns of Grace offers water, coffee, hot tea, and sodas.
  • We ask that you provide your own glass/plasticware/napkins for the beverages you bring.
  • Please be courteous at the next appointment and allow time for take down/clean up; you and your guests are responsible for any cleanup of your outside food&drink
  • We refer our brides to several seamstresses around the DFW metroplex.
  • For more information, click here.

A special sale where a boutique is selling its 'sample' gowns ( usually discounted), you buy it as-is and take it home that day, or 'off-the-rack'.