How to: Micro Wedding

How to: Micro Wedding

As much fun as it can be to plan a huge bash for your wedding day, it’s also a massive undertaking that can be stressful and a major investment. This often leads to couples deciding to get married at the courthouse instead, but did you know that there’s an alternative option?


Here at Gowns of Grace in Farmers Branch, Texas, we know that micro weddings are growing more and more in popularity every year! To learn more about micro weddings and how to successfully pull one-off, keep reading:



What Is a Micro Wedding?

Basically, a micro wedding is a much more intimate event than your typical wedding. They have no more than 50 guests in attendance but can still feature all of the same traditions if you want it to! The great part about micro weddings is that there’s a lot more flexibility and they can save a lot of money - big bonus! But where do you start?



Pick a Venue First

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a micro wedding or a large wedding, you always want to find your venue first! This helps because you can tailor your guest list to make sure that it fits the venue. And if you’re having a micro wedding, the last thing you want is to book a place that’s way larger than you need. You can get an idea of what space you’re working with, which will help lay down the foundation of micro wedding planning.



Cover the Basics

For all weddings, you have three things that are most important - great music, delicious food, and alcohol! Remember that even though this is a micro wedding, it’s still a celebration and should be treated as much. Flowers and decorations are important as well, but they aren’t necessarily a must-have if you’re going the micro wedding route. Start out with just the basics and add in little details to create a fun and positive atmosphere!



Hire a Photographer


Promise us, you will regret not hiring a photographer for your micro wedding! Just because it’s a small ceremony doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be documented. However, keep in mind that because you’re having a smaller event, you won’t need as many shots as a usual larger wedding would. Make sure you speak with your potential photographer about creating a customized package for a shorter period of time.



Turn to the Pro


 Even if you’re having a micro wedding, you can absolutely still do things like hiring a florist, cake baker, and more! You don’t have to be as elaborate as usual, so it gives you some room to play around with what’s important to you and your partner. And of course, your micro wedding still deserves a beautiful wedding dress!


If you need a dress for your micro wedding, get in touch with the professionals at Gowns of Grace in Farmers Branch, Texas. Book an appointment with us today!